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ACOVAL spray nozzles

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ACOVAL brass srpay nozzle


ACOVAL spray nozzles are designed to spray liquids on extended areas. VIBRACO produces two main types of spray nozzles:

Way of functioning

In the case of the coaxial spraying nozzles, the gas sucks the liquid up and sprays it.

In the case of the flat jet spraying nozzles, nozzles are fed in pressurized liquid. The gas is used to spray the liquid. Theses nozzles are pneumatically driven. The liquid flow, the jet shape and the spraying thinness are adjustable. They allow to spray liquid of a wide range of viscosities. A nozzle may cover 300mm wide.

Spray coaxial nozzles

Coaxial spray nozzle

Flat jet spray nozzles with stainless parts to drive the liquid

Flat jet spray nozzle with stainless parts to drive the liquid